• You can add icons on your iPhone homescreen:
  • They will run a shortcut that opens Google Maps
  • It will show directions to a fixed address
  • You can download and customise the shortcut from here
  • shortcut


  • I travel between a few common locations and wanted a quicker way to open Google Maps and navigate to each location
  • Yes you can add favourites etc. but who’s got time for that 😂


  • Shortcuts app on your iPhone
  • Google Maps app


  • Google Maps supports Universal Links
  • This means you can create URLs that open directly in Google Maps
  • This will cause Google Maps to:
    • Open
    • Select Buckingham Palace as the destination
    • Show you driving directions
  • Luckily the above URL Scheme is documented by Google 🙌
  • The scheme takes a few different parameters:
    • saddr - The Starting address (optional)
    • daddr - The Destination address
    • directionsmode - The type of directions you would like. Valid options:
      • driving
      • transit
      • bicycling
      • walking
  • So we have the building blocks. We just need to create an iOS shortcut to add to the home screen
  • This is what the Shortcut looks like:


  • It’s set up this way so that I can duplicate the shortcut and change the destination address and directions mode easily.
  • In Shortcuts you can add set up questions to make it easy to share shortcuts and to also make your own life easier when customising them
  • Video on how to add and customise the shortcut:
  • You can download the shortcut from here and customise as you wish